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Six icons meme :D

(Yeah, I probably should do an actual update post at some point, rather than just posting fic and memes. Hai guys!)

Icons chosen by my lovely venusinchains  :D Most made by me.

'Jack's worst nightmare' - ha ha, omg, this was from the first fanfic I ever wrote - 'More Seductive Than Purity', where (amongst a shit-ton of porn and some nominal plot) Jack imagines that the worst thing he could possibly be reincarnated as would be a slug wearing Cutler Beckett's wig. No, this is not a slug. It's the dear little worm from Labyrinth - he was too cute to resist. But that is Beckett's wig *g* Also, I have a feeling this is the first ever photomanip I did. Heh.

Oh, Zizek, how filled with awesome you are. He's a philosopher/critical theorist/director at Birkbeck Uni in London, and he's done a lot of work in Lacanian psychoanalysis. He also likes fucking with people, so he started out a lecture by writing 'psychoanalysis' on the whiteboard exactly like this. Yeah, it appealed to my sense of the absurd - and it implies crazy buttsex! FTW!!!

Nearly everyone has got an icon of their favourite character or celebrity with a dubious expression and captioned with 'O RLY', right? This is a Lovecraftian version by xolotl I found on LOLTHULU. Cthulu rises from the sunken city of R' Lyeh (I'm assuming the apostrophe move in the pic was intentional *g*) and is unconvinced that you will escape his TENTACLES O' DOOOOOM (sorry Jack!)

Eros and Thanatos are the Greek gods of sex and death - and the Freudian names for the sex and death drive supposedly common to all humans. They pretty much fit the description of CotFD Will and Immortal Jack to a tee :D Also, there's a section in 'Call', the long-assed fic I'm writing painfully slowly, where Jack tells Will a(n entirely fabricated out of my head) story about these two gods, in a typically Jack-like way to woo him *g*

Oh, boys :D These are my newest darlings, Arthur and Eames from Inception, who reminded me so much of my beloved pirates that I couldn't stop myself from falling headlong in lust with them straight away. The banter! The teasing! The eyesex! The 'OMG R U OK???'! *grabby hands* I hadn't even finished watching the film before 'I Get A Kick Out Of You' started up on my inner stereo. The lyrics are just perfect - so I've had to use them in a fic already - and this icon NEEDED to be made. Unfortunately, I've never made a gif icon from scratch before, and IT IS HARD FOR ME, OKAY? XD So yeah, it took me one WHOLE day. And the writing is still not aligned the way I wanted, damn it all to hell. Still, it's kind of hypnotic.
Arthur: *FLAILS*
Eames: *SMIRKS*
AinSoph: *HEARTS in my frikking EYES*

If anyone wants me to do them, sorry, I'm not that kind of girl just ask ;D
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