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Quick RL update

I just realised I haven't really posted anything other than fic for nearly a year!

Well, I thought I'd better let you know that I'm due to have my gallbladder out in a few weeks (it's only very minor surgery; don't worry). Ha ha, I, um, kind of ended up in A&E in the wee hours on night of my birthday in April, after I'd eaten vast amounts of slow-roasted pork that I cooked for me and my bff who was staying with me (THANK GOD). UM, A WORD TO THE WISE - ANIMAL FAT = UTTERLY DELICIOUS AND ALSO THE WORST POSSIBLE THING TO EAT WHEN YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A SHONKY GALLBLADDER. So, yeah, after a few shots of morphine and a diagnosis, I made it back home with the bff in tow. I cannot tell you how utterly amazing that woman is. I love her big-time. Heh - while I was doped up on the morphine in the hospital, I clutched at her hand and wailed, 'Does this mean I can never eat bacon again? WAAAH!' Also, I may have said, 'Did I shame myself?' - and she was all FFS, WOMAN, YOU ARE SUCH A DORK. Eagle fandom peeps, you can point and laugh at me now *g* 

So, I've been signed off work for the last couple of weeks, and I have LOTS of lovely painkillers that I am doing my best to only use when I need them. Codeine, I am side-eyeing you and your wicked ways. My work are awesome, you guys. AWESOME. I spoke to our HR officer yesterday because I was freaking out about all the time off I was going to need, and that I'd already taken, and how worried I was that it would jeopardise my job. She basically sounded like she was about to burst into tears that I'd even think that, and reassured me that in no way should I worry, and to take all the time I needed to get better. HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING, PEOPLE? Seriously, I would never, NEVER have expected or even dared to hope for that reaction from an employer. I'm so used to guilt-tripping and suspicion and thinly-veiled threats of dismissal from everywhere else I've worked if I've been off sick for any length of time, so I actually had a little bit of a cry because I was so overwhelmed at actually being treated like a human being for once. Sad, but true. 

I am just so very grateful to finally know what it is that's been affecting my health for years, and that I'm really lucky and it is something that can be easily treated. The unbelievable courage and strength that all of you on my flist demonstrate when you've had your own health issues, either temporarily or those that you live with every day, is the most incredible inspiration. You are wonderful, WONDERFUL people, and I am humbled and awed by how you endure, how you keep calm and carry on, and how you always do the best that you can do. I am honoured to have you as friends. 

I believe in the heroism of the everyday, that to be noble and honourable does not require a Big Significant Deed, or that a quest be fulfilled, or that any real or metaphorical dragons need to be slain. I believe that everyone has it in them to be a hero, through small acts of kindness done from a kind heart; through fortitude and compassion, empathy and integrity. You, all of you, are my heroes. ♥  

Anyway, tl;dr, what I am trying to say is that if I'm even flakier and/or more absent at the moment, I apologise. I'M SORRY, I STILL LOVE ALL YOU GUYS. YOU ARE AMAZING.
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