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I am fine, you guys, and so glad that's all over. Finally, I can feel that background pain has gone. I am just so grateful, and so happy (and lol, no, that's not because of the drugs). I'm on the right side of getting better, and I want to thank you all for how awesome and supportive you've all been. Every single one of you is a star :-) The phone signal here is pretty crap (why so faily, Oxford?) so I might be very slow with everything atm, and not just because I'm spacey - I hate being reliant on my phone for a 'net connection. (Um, hee, as I lay on the gurney and the anaesthetist put me under this morning, and the room started spinning, he said, 'Think of something that makes you happy,' and I went out like a light with a huge grin on my face. DON'T WORRY, DUDE, I HAVE GOT MY HAPPY-SURGERY THOUGHTS COVERED, K THX zzz.) I love every one of you, you fabulous people :-) <3 xxx
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