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4th-Aug-2010 07:20 pm - More Inception fic
eames hearts arthur
OMG, so, ok, this thing has done what it says on the tin and incepted my braaaain.

Title: The Longest Journey
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: It's all Nolan's. And by god, he deserves it.
Summary: A weekend away. Planes, cars and boats (but NO trains). What happens when a Point Man and a Forger get together?
Warnings: Oh, wow, so much fluff it's practically a marshmallow; BUT also has bonus dirty porn: come marking, messy blowjobs, facial
Notes: WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN... The title is from an anonymous quote I found - the addendum is mine ;D. Also, heh, I cannot keep my fic away from nautical matters for long, apparently *g*

"The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart." Collapse )

 Part 2
3rd-Aug-2010 02:57 am - Uhhm... Inception fic...
Forgive me f-list, for I have sinned...

Title: Till Human Voices Wake Us, And We Drown
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything that came out of Christopher Nolan's fabulous brain.
Summary: Post 'Inception', Arthur struggles to keep composed. Eames doesn't help him.
Notes: Um, yeah, I have no idea where this fic came from. The title is the last line from 'The Love Song of J. Alfred. Prufrock', by T. S. Eliot. 

Control must be maintained, or chaos will triumph.Collapse )

part 2

5th-Jul-2010 01:44 pm - Fic post - for the jackwill ficathon

I had meant to post this yesterday, as a 4th July celebration, whoopsie!

This is my entry for the recent jackwill ficathon. Go over and check out the other stories if you haven't yet. They're all awesome, and there's a great variety so there's something for everyone :)

Title: Libertea
Author: ainsoph15 
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Disney owns all. Done for love, not profit.
Warnings: None
Prompt: Written for ballincollig's prompt - (Post CotBP, no sequels) Jack and Will are tangled up in some chronologically-appropriate historical event (say 1730-1790)...I've always harbored a fantasy of an ageing Jack as the catalyst of the Boston Tea Party, for example. Love the idea of ageing!Jack.”
Note: Many moons ago, ballincollig  and I had a lengthy email discussion (now lost on an old account :() about what Jack and Will would get up to in the future - including her idea about Jack and the Boston Tea Party. She was kind enough to show me something she'd written (and seriously, darling, you should finish it. Your writing is awesome), and the hazy memory I have of J&W cozying by a fire was the catalyst for the first half of the story. I was SO happy to be given this prompt, because it finally meant I had the chance to write this for her, all these years later :D

Tiny bun, this is for you...

LiberteaCollapse )

jolly good romp
Dear Otherwise Perfectly Acceptable Romanian Hotel,

Playing a hardcore DJ mix of 'No Limits' and 'Zombie Nation', while highly amusing for the cheese factor, and no doubt entertaining to dance to at 3am in a club when completely mashed up, is really, really NOT appropriate music for 7.30 am over breakfast. Unless said breakfast is the kind you have when you've been up all night partying, and simply start the day all over again, and even then, this would not be my choice of aural entertainment. My indigestion and mental confusion does not thank you. My sense of the absurd, however, is mightily pleased.

Deeply conflicted amounts of love,

Me xxx

Dear inexplicably angry driver,

Why did you feel the need to flip the bird at me out of your window, when I pulled out into a sizeable gap behind your car? I was not attempting to cut you up, nor did I pull out until after you'd passed me. Perhaps next time I should employ similar intimidation tactics - though I feel that blowing you kisses in response made you even more deeply irate than I could have hoped for. I aim to please.

No love, but plenty of deeply sarcastic kisses,

Short John's Driver x P x P x P

Dear flist,

Ficathon stories are going up over at [info]jackwill  (including the one for me which is awesome! :D) Go and show those writers some love, and enjoy the fruits of their labours too!

BIG LOVE to you all,

Me xxxxxxx

In other non-letter format news - I'm going on holiday on Sunday! I've got an old friend (not in the geriatric sense) coming over from Auz tomorrow morning, then on Sunday we're going to Amalfi for a few days. I can hardly wait, and can't believe it's finally upon me. I'll be in Pompeii on Monday! Then, we're back for a couple of days, then flying out again to Barcelona for two nights. I even bought a swimsuit XP. Guh, cocktails and long summer evenings, here I come! :D To get me in the mood for Italy, I spent the evenings of the last week in Romania downloading and watching the first season of 'Spartacus'. OMG. I loved it. There was SO much sex and violence and quite literal backstabbin. It was proper Roman!
Love to you all, and hope you all have a great weekend xxx
zen mastah
Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Yeah. I'm a first-time driver at age 30/31. When I did the test drive on what's now my car, I knew he had to be mine when I got in him, and decided his name was 'Short John Silver'. He's usually just referred to as 'my boy' though, when I pat his dashboard reassuringly for having negotiated a particularly hairy situation or if I'm a bit sharp with his clutch and he hops about. Pic below is from when I bought him. He's got a tiny Jolly Roger on his aerial now though :) And he's somewhat grubbier...

9th-May-2010 09:53 am - Call - Chapter 11
those in peril

Title: Call (Chapter 11)
Pairing: Eventual J/W  
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters created by Disney belong to Disney. All the characters created by me are mine (all mine!!!)
Warning: None
Notes: Long WIP set after AWE that is taking me forever to write. These two chapters are dedicated to alilacia , ballincollig , and danglingdingle  for being three of the most awesome people I know.

(A link back to Chapter 10 for your convenience.)


Call - Chapter 11Collapse )

9th-May-2010 09:43 am - Call - Chapter 10
Will immortal

No, don't faint in shock. Yes, it's the WIP that won't die *g*.

Title: Call (Chapter 10)
Pairing: Eventual J/W  
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: All the characters created by Disney belong to Disney. All the characters created by me are mine (all mine!!!)
Warning: Some gore. Some angst.
Notes: Long WIP set after AWE that is taking me forever to write. These two chapters are dedicated to alilacia , ballincollig , and danglingdingle  for being three of the most awesome people I know.

(A link back to Chapter 9 for your convenience.)


Call - Chapter 10Collapse )

Chapter 11

So, I've got one more picspam for you all from my stay at Will Turner's cottage. Well, strictly speaking, this is on the way back home from the cottage. I stopped off on the way at Buckland Abbey on the edge of Dartmoor, the home of Sir Francis Drake.

'Out on the wiley, windy moors...' :D

I pulled the car over by the side of the road to quickly take this photo across the moors, because the sky was so beautiful.

More under here :)Collapse )
1st-May-2010 08:27 am - NEW FIC
ave peccatis plenia
(Well, actually this is old fic - really, really old fic that I started in 2007 along with 'More Seductive Than Purity' and 'Communion', when I first began writing J/W, and it started as little more than a ficlet idea to write an awful lot of kinks all in one story. Then it languished for ages, as I lost the drive to finish it, until the turningpirate  crossover challege in 2009, when I suddenly got the perfect inspiration to start it up again, and wrote a huge chunk for it and finished up an illustration I'd sketched for it as well. It's taken this long to finish it :-/)

Title: By Any Other Name
Rating: NC17 for sure
Disclaimer: The characters are all Disney's, and Anne Rice's! But they'd never give us nekkid pirates and gay vampires - oh, wait... (well, not anymore at least :-S)
Warnings: Cross-dressing, passing suggestions of BDSM, entire chapter composed of smut, bit of blood loss, reversible character death.
Summary: Set after (another incredibly late for the deadline challenge-fic *facepalm*) The Matelotage of Heaven and Hell, Jack and Will try to find out if there are any other immortals like them.
Note: This is for the turningpirate  crossover challenge, for pktaxwench's awesome prompt of 'garters'. Strictly speaking, 18th century garters were usually worn just above the top of the calf, where the swell would hold them up. However, since this universe also has immortal pirates and prettypretty vampires, I've taken them up to the thigh, because that is way hotter *g*

By Any Other NameCollapse )

Part ii
29th-Apr-2010 05:50 pm - As if anyone needed more proof
Will legend
Of the awesomeness of Will Turner (real? imaginary? I just don't know *g*) - he sent me a text to say that the cottage is free for another couple of days, so I'm staying tomorrow as well! YEAH BABY I DON'T HAVE TO GO HOME YET!!!

I mean, seriously, how often does everyone wish they could stay just one day longer on their holiday? I'm so happy!
29th-Apr-2010 12:40 pm - Further tales from Turner's cottage
those in peril

When I woke up on Tuesday and opened the blinds, apparently there was FOG like I haven't seen FOG in years. I could barely see to the other side of the street (and it's a very narrow street), and the roofs of the houses opposite looked like they were floating ghost-like several metres above the ground. So I decided this would be an at-home day, and spent the time cooking, reading, and writing my jackwill  ficathon entry (which to my amazement I had finished by the evening - huzzah!)

Go under the cut for Wednesday's adventuresCollapse )

26th-Apr-2010 10:06 pm - Note to self:

When you jump valiantly into the sea for a swim, and promptly almost black out, this means it is TOO FUCKING COLD. And, if sculling about in the shallows while you hope to acclimatise to the temperature only results in getting arms and legs that are too numb to move, whilst getting thoroughly battered by the waves right in the face does not mean that you'll get used to it in a bit. Also, while a shingle beach is ok to lie on with a towel underneath you, it is indescribably painful to walk on it in bare feet. Or, perhaps you are a bit of a wimp, but that's ok, you're allowed to be. It is, after all, still only April. Though to be honest, even in high summer the sea is cold enough here to take your breath away...

In short, I tried swimming today and barely managed a full minute in the water before staggering out again none to elegantly, desperately clutching on to  my swimming costume to keep it from falling off and embarassing me. I sunbathed instead (with cream! I'm not THAT crazy - sea fever notwithstanding) which was far more pleasant and less likely to result in a fainting fit with dire consequences. My feet still hurt though, from the mean, nasty pebbles :P

25th-Apr-2010 11:46 pm - Tales from Turner's cottage
Will legend
(I had wanted to make my post about visiting Greenwich with alilacia  first, but for some reason the photos are taking forever to upload and I'll be old before they do - so that'll be at some point in the future. Suffice to say it was awesome and she is awesome :D)

So, I set off for the cottage at 8am this morning, and made it to Torcross by 1.30pm. I'd originally intended to stop in a lovely little town called Newton Abbot on the way, but honestly, I'd kind of forgotten how far it is to get to Devon, plus this is the first _long_ (think over 2.5 hours straight - yeah, I can hear my US friends laughing from here, because hell, that's not a long trip!) trip I've done since I got the car, so I just kept on going until I got here. The very last stretch was down the most teeny weeny country lanes ever, and I'm sure my sat nav took me down them on purpose when there was a perfectly feasible route another way *shakes fist*. I kept holding my breath every time I went round a sharp corner or over a steep hill that there wouldn't be one of the locals zooming towards me, because these are single track roads with laughably small passing places at infrequent intervals. The road into Torcross is fantastic, as it's on a spit of land (lol) called Slapton Sands with the sea on one side and a freshwater reservoir on the other, with the cliffs and lighthouse far off in the distance round the bay. Anyway, I made it, found somewhere to park nearby, and trekked up the hill with my stuff to the cottage.

Pics are under here!Collapse )

24th-Apr-2010 08:51 am - Happy birthday!
turrow hug

Happy Birthday  placeofinsanity! I hope you have a wonderful day and get thoroughly spoiled. Much, much love :D 

22nd-Apr-2010 03:14 pm - LOL LOL LOL XD
Will grin
I just had a text from Will Turner.

This is never going to get old :D (well, not for me, but probably for everyone else pretty quickly ;) *g*)
Will legend

So, I had planned on having ballincollig and danglingdingle come and stay with me over my birthday weekend. However, because the Icelandic volcano broke the sky over Europe, sadly they can't come :( Happily, alilacia is still coming to see me on Thursday, and on Friday we'll take a trip over to the Maritime Museum at Greenwich :)

But, to cheer myself up and because I've got some time off work, I decided that since I couldn't have my friends come and stay, I'd go off for a little jaunt by the seaside. Yesterday I rented a cottage right on the beach in Devon - how lovely, yes? So, today I called the number I'd been given to arrange to pick up the keys on Sunday, and left an answerphone message. When I got home and checked my emails, I had one giving me all the necessary details. Do you want to know who it was from? DO YOU??? I THINK YOU DO!!!



16th-Apr-2010 11:04 am - PIMPAGE!!!

For all you wonderful writers and would-be writers on my best beloved flist, take the plunge and go and sign up for the all-new Jack/Will ficathon! There's already lots of great prompts and wonderful writers involved, so if you long for good new fic, why not try creating it along with us over at jackwill .

(My sample entry)

Your Name: AinSoph15
LJ-User Name: ainsoph15
How We Can Contact You: PM

Pairing/Character: Jack/Will
Prompt 1: A news pamphlet, diary entry, or travelogue (in the style of 'Gulliver's Travels' or Dampier's 'A New Voyage Round the World') using 18th century grammar, style and noun capitalisation, written either by Jack or Will or by a third party about them and their adventuring and relationship. (MAJOR bonus points and squeeing if you write 18th century smut, or allude to it ;D)

Pairing/Character: Jack/Will
Prompt 2: Mermen. Take this however you like. It could be that Jack and Will encounter them on their journeying, or that one or the other of them is a merman, or that there's a dark and stormy night and tales of the merfolk are told etc etc. This can take place at any point during or after the films; I'd also be over-the-moon with a modern AU setting. I would also love it if you use some of the old mythology (selkies; Dagon; näkki; and my favourite - The Wildman of Orford). Seriously, let loose with this one :)

WILL WRITE: Pretty much anything that's not on my 'not write' list.

WILL NOT WRITE: Extreme tortureporn; rapefic; bestiality; scat; m-preg; threesomes (unless the third is a vector to the introduction of a new J/W relationship and not the main focus of the story).

DOES NOT WANT TO RECEIVE: Anything on my 'not write' list.

XD I'm excited!


10th-Apr-2010 04:09 pm - LOL!
Will grin
I just placed a bet for the hell of it on 'My Will' for the Grand National... *gigglesnort*

ETA: Well, he didn't win, but one of the others I backed - 'Don't Push It' did! Yay!
2nd-Apr-2010 09:43 am - When I'm stuck in traffic
army of me
THIS is one of the songs I like to listen to ;D Last night I was stuck in traffic for nearly three hours. When you consider this is my regular journey home from work and normally takes 1 1/2 hours... AND it's only 22 miles, then it becomes annoying. Stupid Easter holiday traffic!

But, it did mean I had plenty of time to sing loudly inside my own little box on wheels *g*

Anyone else got a particular song they like to listen to when they're stuck waiting for something?
5th-Mar-2010 08:55 pm - AAAAAAHHH!!!
o rly?


Aw man, I hate to even admit it, but I've got a major crisis of conscience about what to do with an imaginary pixel baby because it's theirs. In addition, seeing as mpreg isn't my preferred genre, and that I'm pro-choice, WTF IS THIS MANUFACTURED MORAL DILEMMA?

brb lolling 4eva XD
Queen and Consort
Firstly, thank you so much to alilaciajackieville and poetic_self  for my lovely balloons! They've been a delightful reminder to keep my heart light :)

Secondly, courtesy no doubt of the dear muses, this morning I arrived at the factory, opened my mouth to say something to the lady who had driven me there, paused, and instead what came out was, "I think it's going to snow later. I can taste it."

Six hours later, I completely forgotten about that remark, when she suddenly came rushing to find me in the sample room, just to tell me that yes, indeed it was snowing. And now, it's snowing rather heavily. The roof opposite my hotel room already has about 1 1/2" settled onto it for the evening. Gah. I MUST get home tomorrow!

a) I have a friend's 30th birthday party in the evening - and I do not want to miss her expression when she opens up her present of a David Tennant standee. I fear the party may well end there though, because she'll want to send everyone home so that she can have him to herself XD


b) I GET TO PICK UP MY NEW (OLD) CAR. More about the car when it's safely parked outside where I live, though I will reveal that I have already named him. He is called Short John Silver :)

On a less awesome note, I really feel like I've lost my writing mojo of late :( I've been working on various WIPs since before January, but everything is coming out wrong. I'll check over things and it's just, augh, dull and contrived and repetitive and like reading a poorly translated construcition manual for a very banal piece of furniture. I'll read it and think, 'Oh my GOD, what is THAT word doing there AGAIN. I've used that word a HUNDRED times in EVERY SINGLE STORY and it STILL doesn't convey what I want to say. Vocabulary! Why have you forsaken meeee!' *woe-woe-rend clothes* etc etc. I have no real doubts that it'll shift and come right again, but the sheer frustration at absolutely hating everything I'm creating at the moment is no fun. So, I'm sitting on everything for now like a fractious hen until my chicks are less deformed and mangey and boring *g*

Finally, because it's Friday and everyone deserves a treat, here's a bunch of songs I'm enjoying at the moment and wanted to share (thanks to slashfairy  for the heads-up about LJ tracking sharefiles, and how to block it). Happy Friday everyone! 

1st-Feb-2010 02:45 pm - I still can't quite believe it :D
jack awesome

Good old RL has kept me even busier than usual of late. I've been spending hours prepping for my driving test, and the time I haven't been doing that, I've been worrying about it XD

So, I just got back, and  OMFG, I PASSED!!!

So, yeah, all of you that I've been threatening to drive around when you come and stay, make sure you pack a safety helmet ;D Thank you all so much for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself :D


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